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“Shucking an oyster with Jerry Fraser is the sort of experience that could make a woman blush”

It’s all to do with the delicate way he prises open the rough shell to reveal a perfect, plump, succulent oyster. It’s the way he turns what could be an awkward, ungainly and somewhat dangerous task into a sensuous, highly dramatic piece of drama.

Caressing the rock while he slices the sharp knife into the opening, he then makes eye contact while offering the morsel.

“I love the pleasure on peoples faces when they eat them,” he said. “It’s like taking that first plunge into the ocean. It’s clean, pristine, fresh. They taste the brine first, then they get the textures and flavours.”

Perth oyster lovers can gather to indulge while watching the master shucker deliver what has been sadly lacking in dining in the city - a live oyster.

Or maybe just a drink or a chat with Jerry, who says he offers the role of therapist, raconteur, listener and entertainer.

“It’s a bit like being a hairdresser really,” he says. “Only I have to be a marine biologist as well.”
(Gail Williams-Sunday Times)

As yet not well known in Western Australia, the profession of the Oysterman has a tradition and a mystique all its own. Shucking, by the way, is removing the oyster’s shell. And Jerry is no stranger to the art of ’shucking’.

Jerry believes the booming demand for fresh food will create something of a renaissance in oyster consumption. There is simply no comparison with eating an oyster immediately after it has been shucked.
(Tim Macknay-Scoop)

An energetic and enthusiastic man, Jerry Fraser’s growing popularity as an oyster shucker comes as no real surprise. He has built up a database of clients that would make any PR manager envious.
(Julie-anne Sprague-Gusto)